​​​Zyrofoam is a reusable modeling compound that kids and adults love. It glows in the dark. Watch as I learn more about it.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is always fun to be able to check out a new product like this Zyrofloam. Once I learn about it, then I compare it to Gazz-It and Nickelodeon's Floam to see how much they are or are not alike. As you can see from the video they are not the same! Watch the video as I show the differences.


▶▶ Product Info
All you have to do is squeeze, squish and create, you'll be having fun in no time. The best part is that this it's mess free, doesn't leave behind a sticky residue on hands or play surfaces like tables or countertops. It's just like Floam, but half the price!

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▶▶ Fun Translations
Check out these fun international language product translations!

رغوة زيرو "Zyro пяна" "Zyro 泡沫" "Zyro pěna" "Zyro schuim" "Badara mousse" "Zyro Schaum" "Zyro קצף" "Schiuma di Zyro" "Zyro フォーム" "Zyro 거품" "Zyro pianki" "Zyro espuma" "Пена Zyro" "Zyro espuma" "โฟม Zyro"

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