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I was looking forward to checking these out because I had not really done a lot of fidget spinners on video. Actually I had only one other fidget spinner on video :) and I did that one recently. I really like the option of showing a bunch at a time and thought it was pretty cool seeing them all spin. The hulk spin the longest and I thought that was the coolest of all of them. Which fidget spinner did you like the most?

At the end of the video, I showed the Zuru fidget cubes and the Zuru Tangle Fidget toys. Are yo a fan of one over the other? Is there another fidget toy you like more then these three? Let me know.

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Zuru Fidget Spinners

Hulk Fidget Spinner
Spider-Man Fidget Spinner
Batman Fidget Spinner
Superman Fidget Spinner
Strawberry - Pineapple & Camouflage Fidget Spinners

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