The Zootopia Police Station is the headquarters for all ZPD officers. It's where Judy Hopps gets her assignments, where Chief Bogo's office is, and where Clawhauser eats his donuts. This large playset comes with 3" Clawhauser Figure that features poseable arms, neck, and legs, a 1" safety squirrel that fits into the included mouse Helicopter. A projector simulates a computer monitor with three images, and the Police Station comes to life with lights and sounds of sirens and dispatch announcements and the sliding elevators create multi-level play. Get ready for jailbreak action as the sirens sound and the jail door flies open!.
  • Large playset: 21.25"wide x 13.25" tall x 6.11" deep
  • Comes with 3" Clawhauser Figure featuring poseable arms, neck, and legs
  • 1" Safety Squirrel fits in the 2.3" mouse Helicopter with spinning rotor
  • Projector simulates computer monitor with 3 images
  • Lights and sounds - sirens and randomized dispatch announcements