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Yummy World Vinyl Keychain Series Toys - Visit Sprinkle Tree! Butch and I get to check out an entire box of Yummy World mini-figures. There are a bunch of characters in the series one line of toys. These are also key-chain ready, just attach them to the loop and you are good to go. Did you have a favorite Yummy World figure? Let Butch and I know.

Here is the link to our web site with all of the details for a giveaway.

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Yummy World Vinyl Keychain Series Toys - Visit Sprinkle Tree!
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Connie Cotton Candy
Molly Mallow
Karl Ketchup
Moe Mustard
Ruby Rose Red Velvet
Miso Sam
Siamese Sausage
Margarette Macaroon
Peter Popcorn
Drumstick Dan
Soft Serve Sally
the Fries
Soda Pop Saul

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