My first Happy Meal set for 2018!~ I was reflecting on past videos before I started this video and realized I have at least 4 years of every toy that McDonald's has put out in that time frame. I also have reviewed over 70 sets from years past going back to the 80's! I always like to include the Happy Meal box or bag so we can see how it was marketed back then. I will continue to do these sets and hope to be making videos for many more years.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Yokai Watch McDonald's 2018 Happy Meal Fast Food Toys

#1 Komashura Light Up Toy
#2 Jibanyan Toy
#3 Shogunyan Light Up Toy
#4 Jibanyan Mask Toy
#5 Jibanyan Whisper Projector
#6 Whisper Toy
#7 Komasan Mirror Reveal Toy
#8 Robonyan Mask Toy

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