A thoughtful care package, birthday gift, or anytime treat for friends and family alike, this candy gift box is sure to delight. Our retro candy gift box arrives ready for gifting, packed with 30 different varieties of unique and rare candies from the past. Even the man or woman who has everything will be delighted by this unexpected gift of hard-to-find candies-that's why we love it as a gift for parents, coworkers, and even the most difficult-to-shop-for friends. Recipients of any age will enjoy discovering these vintage sweets-send a box off to your favorite college student as a mid-semester care package, or treat your kid's soccer team to a set of candies they haven't tried before. Older recipients may remember these varieties from their youths, making this special gift into a nostalgic delight for grandparents and great-grandparents.

Candies are selected by our team to create a one-of-a-kind assortment of the most popular and prized varieties of yesteryear. Recipients will love to unwrap such favorites as Atomic Fireballs, Bonomo Turkish Taffy, Dots, Chuckles, Mike and Ike, Red Hots, Jawbusters, Pop Rocks, Razzles, Mary Janes, Fun Dip, Kits, Pixy Stix, Candy Necklace, Sugar Daddy Jr., Wax Lips, Candy Buttons on Paper, Zotz, Chick-O-Stick, Lemonheads, Butterscotch Buttons, Necco Wafers, Now and Later, Candy Cigarettes, Root Beer Barrels, Jawbreakers, Smarties, Sour Balls, BB Bat, Strawberry Drops, and a Flipstick. Please note, on occasion we might have to substitute an out-of-stock item with candy of the same value.

A retro candy gift box is more than simply a gift-it's a memorable experience to unbox each delicious vintage candy and share them with loved ones.For any occasion and any recipient, do the unexpected and gift a retro candy box.

  • VINTAGE CANDY: Classic and hard-to-find candies make for a rare and special treat
  • CANDY ASSORTMENT: 30 different candy brands and types included
  • MAKES FOR A GREAT CARE PACKAGE: Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, including hard-to-shop-for friends and family members
  • GREAT IDEA FOR MAN OR WOMAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING: A totally unique present that's sure to be loved
  • FUN OR UNIQUE GIFT FOR DAD OR MOM: Arrives packed and ready for gifting in a festive box