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This was so cool to see spinning on it's own as it levitates over the base. When I first got it, I was curious as to how it worked and was looking forward to testing on video. At first I was having a hard time getting it float and decided to contact Woodlev directly and they gave me some tips which I listed below. I found out about the power strip by testing it a few times!

Once it floats, it is very mesmerizing. Everyone walking in my studio were in awe as it floated and slowly spun around. It would spin for a very long time! I decided to leave a scene where I restarted the spin, so you could see me do it. I would say easily 10-15 minutes of spin time.

Steps to getting your globe to float (After you plug it in and select your light option)

1. Make sure it is plugged into the wall and not a power strip
2. If other items are plugged in, first try with them unplugged,.
3. Place the globe on the counter top to find the "Sweet" spot
4. Start above the globe and slowly bring it down to the center
5. Once you see it start to light up, you are close. Hold it there and wait until you get it to float

Helpful tips - if you get frustrated stop and try again. Look for that sweet spot and try and get that centered.

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