This levitating globe is much more than an optical illusion. It floats impossibly in mid-air using a combination of science and magic.
Two opposing magnets keep the 6" globe hovering in mid-air above the base. Especially the Wireless Transmission tech. You don't need connect anything to light the globe up.
Brand: woodlev
Model: WG01
Material: ABS + Acrylic
Other Features:
Suitable Age above 5 Years old
Certification CE
Other Features Globe Diameter: 14cm; Platform diameter: 17.5cm(That's really small)
Style: Floating / Magnetic / Levitating / Anti Gravity
Weight: 1352.7 g
1 x 6 inch Globe
1 x UFO Style Base
1 x AC power charger US plug(100 ~ 240V / 110cm-cable)
1x woodlev cloth
1, When you start use it. Take it away from any metal.
2, Put it on the smooth desk. Thought it can still float lean 30°. But if you are the first time to having this kind product. Let's take it easy.
3, After you plug it. You can use the touch point control base&globe light. You should watch the operating video first.
4, Both hands hold the globe. Slowly move to the middle of the base. The distance between disk and the base approximately 2cm(0.8in). Then you just go with the globe magnetic force. Feel the sweet spot is there.
If you sure that the sweet spot is there. But the globe won't float. Just hold the globe there for 10 seconds. Don't move. The sweet spot will automatic compliance. Then the globe will float as you wish.
5, Don't unplug the power adapter without remove the globe first. Or the globe will pound the base. trust me. You don't want hear that.
6, If you can not make it work in the first time. Don't worry. Take a break. It won't be easy if you are the first time use it. Every two minutes take a break. Or the base will over heat.
7, If you can't do it by yourself. Contact us.
  • Operating Video: 6" globe can clearly show the world geography. 2017 Upgraded version. The adapter more stable than before. Make levitate more easier.
  • Your object will levitate even if the base is turned on its side or upside down, And will light itself when you plug the base, Also you can use the touch control to let the LED light. Globe, Platform Or both of them light off.
  • People won't believe that its possible until they see it for themselves .Objects continuously revolve in space inspiring wonder and amazement. Auto-spinning inductive system
  • The globe suspension in the air. Make you feel awesome high-tech thing. Especially the Wireless Transmission tech.
  • keep the platform away from the metal. Or the levitation may mot success