Wow! What a project! I made all 5 different slimes with this kit and then mixed them all up at the end! Total Slimathon!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It was a blast being able to run through every mix in one video. I did not want to split this up different videos so that I could mix them all up at the end. Lets see, I made a magnetic, color changing, glow-in-the-dark, green slime! I though the magnet was really cool and enjoyed playing with it in the video. When I watched later I realized I did a lot of slapping and handling of the lime. I have to remember to slow down and just let you analyze and look at it.


▶▶ Skip Times ◀◀
0:07 Intro/Box Details
0:57 Parts
1:50 Kit Assembly
3:27 Slime Experiment #1
11:29 Slime Experiment #2 (Glow In The Dark)
17:27 Glow In The Dark Test
18:00 Slime Experiment #3 (Magnetic)
25:00 Slime Experiment #4 (Color Changing)
29:29 Mixing Multiple Slimes
34:26 Glow In The Dark Slime (Light Tests)
36:18 Magnetic Slime Tests
41:32 Color-Changing Slime Tests
45:57 Mixing All The Slimes
50:35 Final Thoughts

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Slime Factory Wonderology by Spin Master

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تدور مصنع الوحل ماجستير "Spin Master слуз фабрика" "自旋硕士泥厂" "Spin Master sliz Factory" "Draai Master Slime fabriek" "Spin Master Slime Factory" "Spin Master Slime Factory" "ספין מאסטר רפש במפעל" "Spin Master melma Factory" "スピン マスター スライム工場" "스핀 마스터 점액 공장" "Spin Master szlam fabryki" "Fábrica de gosma Spin Master" "Spin Master слизь фабрика" "Fábrica de Baba la vuelta Master" "โรงงานน้ำเมือกหลักหมุน"

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