​​​Wow! What a project! I made all 5 different slimes with this kit and then mixed them all up at the end! Total Slimathon!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It was a blast being able to run through every mix in one video. I did not want to split this up different videos so that I could mix them all up at the end. Lets see, I made a magnetic, color changing, glow-in-the-dark, green slime! I thought the magnet was really cool and enjoyed playing with it in the video. When I watched later I realized I did a lot of slapping and handling of the slime. I have to remember to slow down and just let you analyze and look at it.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:07 Intro/Box Details
0:57 Parts
1:50 Kit Assembly
3:27 Slime Experiment #1
11:29 Slime Experiment #2 (Glow In The Dark)
17:27 Glow In The Dark Test
18:00 Slime Experiment #3 (Magnetic)
25:00 Slime Experiment #4 (Color Changing)
29:29 Mixing Multiple Slimes
34:26 Glow In The Dark Slime (Light Tests)
36:18 Magnetic Slime Tests
41:32 Color-Changing Slime Tests
45:57 Mixing All The Slimes
50:35 Final Thoughts

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Slime Factory Wonderology by Spin Master

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