Wiz-z-z-er Comparison - 1969 - 2009 - 2017 What's Inside? - After the last video I made for the new Super Impulse Wiz-z-z-er I had planned on doing this comparison video. Normally I'm not one to destroy a toy, and do not see that as a good thing on YouTube, in this case I was really curios as to what was inside each of these. The 1969 Wiz-z-z-er was made for many years and I think the style stayed the same for along time. The Duncan was the first re-introduction as as you can see a totally different inside. If I get some of the 70's and 80's ones, I would like to cut those open as well.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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1969 Mattel Wiz-z-z-er
2009 Duncan Wiz-z-z-er
2017 Super Impulse Wiz-z-z-er


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