This Mystery Pack gives you the chance to blind pick a rare Jimmy S'More, Chocolate S'more scented clip!

These sweet scented backpack clips are fun to collect! Enjoy the anticipation to discover which Whiffer Sniffer is hiding in the Mystery Pack! This Mystery Pack collection may even contain the ultra rare golden bag Sniffer Mixer Tony Aloha! You will receive either Jimmy S'more or one of the other regular Series 1 clips in your pack. TAKE YOUR CHANCES.

Backpack clips measure approximately 5 inches tall and are recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • This is Mystery Pack #1, this pack is the only way to get Jimmy S'more, take your chances!
  • Series 1 features 3 different character mystery pack which are rare editions and are available only in their own mystery package
  • EITHER the rare featured special edition character (lucky you!), OR one of the other awesome regularly sold Whiffer Sniffer characters.