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Time to check out what is inside this months Japan Crate Subscription box! Every month they send tasty candy and snacks. I always list the items in the box lower in the description, so if you are trying to find more info, check out the list below. Out of all of the snacks, I liked the cola candy the best. As I try these snacks I wonder if any of you have tried them and thinking it would be fun to share :)

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Valentine's Day Japan Crate Box

Ume Marshmallow
Uncle Daniel's Chocolate
Oni Mo Arukeba Kanabo Chocolate
Hello Kitty Ichigo De Chu
Tohato Strawberry Milk Caramel Corn
Kampai Ramune
Valentine Umaibo Chocolate
Dragon Ball Super Gum
Luxury Chocolat
Let's Make Pokemon Soft Candy
Constellation Chocolate
Mix Trio Soft Candy
Dragon Ball Super Card Gum
Mini Angel Pie Strawberry Daifuku
Pokemon Honey Apple

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