VAT19 BubbleLick Create your own flavored bubbles kit. "Pop" Bubbles :) Literally that is! I try different popular soft drinks.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: The possibilities are endless with these bubbles. You mix the concentrated bubble mix with your favorite drink. It could be anything! That is what makes these bubbles so much fun. I decided to try all different flavors of popular soft drinks; Mountain Dew Code Red, Voltage & Regular, Fanta Orange, Coca Cola & Pepsi Cola. They all worked and tasted like the soda.


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0:08 Intro/Package Details
1:21 Soft Drinks Rainbow
2:20 Unpacking Bottles
3:16 Filling Bubble Bottles
3:53 Mixing Bubble Solution
4:40 Orange Fanta
5:21 Mt. Dew
6:03 Blue Mt. Dew Voltage
6:46 Coca Cola
7:15 Pepsi Cola
9:33 Time To Test Them!
14:00 Final Thoughts

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VAT19 BubbleLick -

Each Pack contains 6 BubbleLick bottles. Each bottle contains 25 ml solution and a final volume of 50 ml after beverage is filled to RED line.

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