Wow! We have 5 different Valentine's Lollipops to try in our Nostalgia Electric Cotton Candy Machine. Watch and "Sea" :)

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a lot of fun. We enjoy smashing up different kinds of candy and then testing them in our cotton candy machine. This video is all about Valentine's Day and a selection of 5 different lollipops. See the list below of all of the flavors.

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Flavor #1 - Spiral and Heart shaped Valentine's Lollipops
Flavor #2 - Target brand gourmet lollipops
Flavor #3 - Heart shaped Valentine's vanilla & cherry (Tiger Pops)
Flavor #4 - Charms cherry flavored minipops Valentine Messages
Flavor #5 - Heart shaped Valentine's cherry lollipops (Tiger Pops)

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