This was a really nice subscription box from Universal Yums. It was filled with items from the Philippines. They were tasty!

Item provided by Universal Yums for review

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Are you from the Philippines? Have you seen many of these snacks? let me know. It was fun tasting all of these different kinds of snacks & candies from the Philippines. I really liked the Spicy Cornick and Xo Coffee Candy. Let me know if you have had any of these before.


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0:08 Universal Yums Monthly Surprise Subscription Box- Philippines
3:38 Boy Bawang Hot & Spicy Cornick
6:19 Pandan Cakes
8:19 Lipps Mango Candy
9:54 Oishi Salt & Vinegar Cracklings
12:01 Goldilocks Polvoron Cookies & Cream & Ube
14:00 Golden Sweet Corn Snack
16:11 King Choc Nut
17:59 Pinky Goodies Assorted Butterscotch Bars
19:58 Melon Dew Menthol Candy
21:03 Fita Lemov Flavor Cracker Sandwich
22:35 XO Coffee Candy

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