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Alyse and I get to try a new box together. I asked her to join me in this video for this new box so we can share in the experience of trying new snacks. She is really up to trying new things and enjoyed all of the snacks we tried. I really like this box because it was loaded with candy and snacks for us to try. There were not many Japanese repeat snacks for me. I wonder if I ever totaled up all of the snacks I have tried on video how many that would be. It is definitely in the 1,000's!

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Unboxing Zen POP Japanese Sweet Box Monthly Subscription - NEW Box!

Tongari Salty Corn Cones
Baked Gourmet Hard Candies
Chestnut Mont-Blanc Cookies
Bloomin' Onion Snacks
Pizza Cookroll
Pureral Fuji Apple Gummy
Double Fruit Gummy Pineapple Apple Candy
Puchi - Apple Calvados Cake
Osatsu Snack
Mini Butter Cookies
Strawberry Cream Roll-Cake
Bonchi Age
Country Ma'Am Cookie Chocolates
Garlic Poteko
Zom-B Tongue Gum

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