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I held this box back because I got the Christmas Japan Crate around the same time. I wanted to show that one first. I was clearing out items prior to doing actual Christmas items and remembered this box and wanted to get it in before the year ends. I liked all of these treats and look forward each month to seeing what new candy & snacks are popular in Japan.

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Unboxing Japan Crate November Monthly Subscription Box - Tasty Candy & Snacks!

Mike Popcorn Brown Sugar Caramel
Okusuriya-San Capsule Ramune
Sono Manma Cola Gum
Kagikko Chocolate Key
Rilakkuma Gum
Sweet Poteko Honey Sweet Potato Flavor
Rapoppo Farm Sweet Potato Candy
DIY Magic Foam Jelly
Marshmallow Pudding
Sumomo Ball
Harvest Sweet Potato Biscuits
Taberundesu-Hi Camera Candy
Fue Ramune Pineapple Flavor
Party Gummy
Pokemon Grape Sparkling Soda

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