​​​Watch our product feature video for a Umagine Moon Dough Hamburger Maker Set (Update/Flashback Video).

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[Key points in video]
0:04 Introduction/Product Overview
0:58 Box Opening & Parts
1:43 Instructions
2:36 Twist Mold, Cutters And Shapes
3:08 Molding Hamburger Patties & Tomatoes (Red Dough)
5:05 Molding French Fries (Yellow Dough)
6:28 Mixing Red & Yellow Dough For Tan Color
7:32 Making The Onions
8:01 Mixing Tan Dough
10:22 Re-Doing Tomatoes
11:01 Mixing Tan More - Hamburger Buns
11:32 Flashback Video Clip - Completed Hamburger
12:14 Tan Dough Hard To Mix!
14:32 Pressing Hamburger Buns
15:41 Trying To Make The Mushrooms
16:22 Making The Cheese
17:12 Fixing The Hamburger Buns & Setting Up The Plate
18:07 Assembling The Hamburger!
19:16 The Yellow Bun Poppy Seeds
19:59 The Completed Hamburger

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