​​​Here is the second video in our TY Teanie Beanie McDonalds Happy Meal Toys. We also show a Platinum Collectors Case.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Here is the next video in our Retro Happy Meal Series! It is the 1999 TY Teanie Beanie 12 Toy Set and a 1999 Platinum Collectors Series Case. Watch the video as I open each toy and show you what they look like. My favorite was the #2 Antsy the Anteater! What was yours? Leave it in the comments.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:04 Introduction
0:28 Bonus Item - Platinum Collector's Case
6:10 1999 Collector's Teenie Beanies Box
6:47 #1 Freckles the Leopard
7:29 #2 Antsy the Anteater
8:13 #3 Smoochy the Frog
9:01 #4 Spunky the Cocker Spaniel
9:51 #5 Rocket the Blue Jay
10:32 #6 Iggy the Iguana
11:15 #7 Strut the Rooster
11:54 #8 Nuts the Squirrel
12:47 #9 Claude the Crab
13:39 #10 Stretchy the Ostrich
14:33 #11 'Nook the Husky
15:15 #12 Chip the Cat
16:10 The Entire Collection

▶▶ Product Info
1999 TY Teanie Beannie Babies McDonalds Happy Meal Toys
#1 Freckles the Leopard
#2 Antsy the Anteater
#3 Smoochy the Frog
#4 Spunky the Cocker Spaniel
#5 Rocket the Blue Jay
#6 Iggy the Iguana
#7 Strut the Rooster
#8 Nuts the Squirrel
#9 Claude the Crab
#10 Stretchy the Ostrich
#11 'Nook the Husky
#12 Chip the Cat

1999 Platinum Limited Edition Collectors Series Reusable Case
Limited Edition Clubby II
Collectors Cards
Platinum Edition Certificate
Membership Card
Collector's Coin

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