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Try Treats Sweden is the next box for me to check out on video. There are a bunch of really tasty treats in this box. I feel pretty lucky to be able to continue trying these boxes. It would take forever to try and find the products and get them shipped making thee monthly boxes a real handy way to try new things.

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Try Treats Sweden Candy & Snack Monthly Subscription Box
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Ginger Swedish Thins by Annas
Marabou Mjolkchoklad by Mondelez
Bilar Fruktombi by Ahlgrens
Raspberry Licorice Bar by Panda
Guld Nougat Bar by Cloetta
Raspberry Lemngrass by Lakerol
Ballerina Choko by Goteborgs
Kex Wafer by Cloetta
Crunchy Caramel Candy Bar by Daim
Licorice Pipe by Hellas

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