Item provided by for review. Today I get to try out treats from Poland. I have tried some treats from Poland, but not so many at one time. It is always an adventure trying large amounts of treats. It would be hard to try one each day or even a few at a time because I want to try them all! I thought these were all pretty tasty and ate many of them later :)

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Krowki Milanowskie by ZPC Milanowek
Raczki by Wawel
Familijne Cream Wafers by Jutrzenka
Torunskie Pierniki by Kopaernik Torun
Paluszki by Lajkonik
Supreme Jaffa Cakes (Cherry Flavor) by E. Wedel
BeBe Biscuits by Jutrzenka
Orzezwiajace by Wawel
Aha! by E. Wedel
Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Wafer by Prince Polo

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