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Check out this collection of snacks from Peru! I have never had these snacks before and it was fun trying them and showing them to you on video. Most of the items were cookie and cracker based and there were not many candy bars or candy. I ended up eating more of these Peruvian snacks later and liked many of them. Have you ever had snacks from Peru? Let me know in the comments.

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Try Treats Peru Candy & Food Monthly Subscription Snack Box

Morochas by Nestle
Dona Pepa by Lacta
Cua Cua Wafer by Lacta
Chocolate Galletas by Picaras
Coronita Galletas by Field
Soda Galletas by Field
Sublime by Nestle
Margarita Galletas by Sayon
Vainilla by Field
Inka Plantain Chips by Inka Crops

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