Thanks to Try Treats for sending us this box to check out on video -

Here is the next subscription box I get to check out for Try Treats! This box is loaded with items from France and it was a tasty subscription box.It is always a "Treat" for me to be able to check out all of the snacks. You never know what country will arrive, unless you visit their web site :)

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Try Treats Indonesia Candy & Snack Monthly Subscription Unboxing - France
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Mini Madeleines by St Michel
Galettes by St Michel
Sables by St Michel
Nougat de Montelimar by Chabert & Guillot
Carambar by La Pie Qui Chante
Mini Rectangle Crackers by Michel et Augustin
Cookie Squares by Michel et Augustin
Lollipop by Pierrot Gourmand
Curley Cacahuete by Vico

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