Trollz is the next set in the Retro McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Series. Do you remember Trollz? Let me know in the comments

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I could not find much information on Google about these Trollz dolls. I guess they were trying to update the image of the original Troll Dolls. They had the same hair as the original Trolls. Did you grow up with these?


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0:08 Trollz 2006 McDonald's Happy Meal Kids Toy Set
0:51 Box Activities
1:54 #1 Olivia Trollishaw Doll With Accessory Toy
3:35 #2 Marissa Trollebarre With Doll Accessory Toy
5:04 #3 Marley Trollenbeck With Doll Accessory Toy
6:29 #4 Trina Trollabell With Doll Accessory Toy
7:43 #5 Drea Trollenada With Doll Accessory Toy
9:15 #6 Layla Trollinito With Doll Accessory Toy
10:50 #7 Sophia Trollana With Doll Accessory Toy
12:08 #8 Hannah Trollatah With Doll Accessory Toy
13:51 The Complete Set

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