Thanks to Hasbro for sending these items to check out on video.

Just in time for the new movie! Here is a huge collection of Trolls Dolls that I get to show you on video and giveaway to some lucky fans of Trolls the new DreamWorks' Movie. Are you going to see the new movie? let me know in the comments. Also come back after you see the movie and let us know who your favorite character. After watching some of the clips, the scene with the cloud guy wanting to fist bump! That was hilarious.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Large Trolls Dolls
Hug Time Poppy
Glitterific Guy Diamond Troll Doll

Plush Figures
Harper Plush
Cooper Plush

Troll Sets
Critter Skitter Boards Trolls Set
Poppy's Coronation Pod Play Set

Troll Figures
Branch Troll Doll
DJ Suki Trolls Doll
Series 2 blind Bags

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