​​​Let's Get Ready to Trashies! Butch and I have a great time battling our UFT Trash Packs Set.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: We have been looking forward to playing with this set. We got all of the items in the video from The Salvation Army! It was priced right and made a great starter set for us. Once I figured out how they worked, it was time to battle! Thanks to Butch for figuring out all of the names!


▶▶ Product Info
Take out the trash and prepare for the messiest showdown yet with the UFT Battle Pack from the newest addition to The Trash Pack™ line, Ultimate Fighting Trashies™. This pack features a UFT Battle arena with fence section in addition to one Exclusive Master Trashie, a spin bin and a games booklet. Kids will launch their UFTs into the arena and watch as their Trashies battle it out. The first one to knock their opponent off wins! Requires an additional Spin Bin Launcher for battle.

▶▶ Trashies In This Video
Pootenant #060 - Sludge Shark #004 - Gone Badmiral #053 - Waste Bin Weaver #015 - Bin Grenade #059 - Smellephant #010 - Sneeze Cheese #084 - Stinkasuarous #011 - Jack Hammer #097 - Trash Trout #088 - Karate Slop #030 - Beaten Egg #087 - Scummy Samurai #027 - Obscene Marine #064

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