Transformers McDonald's 2017 Fast Food Happy Meal Kids Toys - Timer to check out the next set of toys this round. I just did a video for the My Little Pony Toys. I really do think these toys were perfectly timed for Halloween. I thought these toys worked great as a set and wonder if anyone will collect them? It would be cool if McDonald's invested all of the effort in the variety to maybe a few toys to see if they could even be cooler!

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Transformers McDonald's 2017 Fast Food Happy Meal Kids Toys

#1 Bumblebee Toy Action Figure
#2 Bumblebee Mask
#3 Optimus Prime Toy Action Figure
#4 Optimus Prime Mask
#5 Strongarm Toy Action Figure
#6 Strongarm Mask
#7 Grimlock Toy Action Figure
#8 Grimlock Mask

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