When all else in your office warfare arsenal fails, you can always count on the chicken to bring home victory. With two chickens in this package, you'll be able to go out on top, like Charlie Sheen in Hot Shots with his chicken arrow. Able to be launched from the tip of your fingers, the portability and stealth afforded by these flick'n chickens far out-strips what Charlie Sheen had. You'll be a stealth assassin, launching your Chickens of Death from deep within the shadows of the water cooler. Watch as they splatter one after the other against your target, or load up two fingers and take your chances trying to hit the deadly 7-10 split kill-shot when faced in a Mexican Standoff with two of your co-workers.

Slide your finger into the nook beneath the chicken's head and pull back on its feet. Take aim, and fire! To achieve the coveted "longest Chicken sniper shot" award, be sure to flick your wrist as you release your projectile for increased distance.