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Snack time! When this arrived in the mail, I was surprised to see a new box color after so many of the standard red boxes. Then looking closer, I noticed the signature on the box and then realized it was a special edition box for Tony Hawk. After doing a little research i read that Tony and his family picked out all of these snacks as ones they enjoy eating. I'm still amazed even though I have tried many subscription boxes from Japan Crate and still not duplicating many of the snacks.

After researching more about the Birdhouse Skateboards I realized that the graphics on the inside cover were for the Tony Hawk brands. Even after so many videos, I'm still learning and excited to try new things. This bocks had a lot of great Japanese snacks and I was happy I got to try them on video. The BirdHouse Fidget Spinner was really cool, so I made a special video to share on all of the social media platforms.

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Tony Hawk Japan Crate Monthly Subscription Box

Heart Chiple
Kumamon Umaibo Corn Soup Stick
Pompompurin Milky Lollipop
Edamame Baked Chips
Coconut Star Cookies
Sumikko Gurashi Gum
Picola Mango Yogurt
Fujiya Home Pie Cinamoroll
Sumikko Gurashi DIY Flan
Sour Lemon Gum
Ginza Rusk
Onion Puffs
Fire Ice Coffee
ABC Message Cookie
Chupa Chups
BirdHouse Fidget Spinners

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