Tomy Moto-Cross Bicycle Racing Game Track Set for review!

​​​​​​I decided when I started this video to show you how I clean and prep a toy before starting. This was a cool Tomy set.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: This set worked great and I had fun cleaning it up and setting it up on video. I like how the little motocross drivers pedal so fast. I ended up playing with this more after the video was over.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:08 Intro/Box Details
1:14 Cleaning Box
1:58 Box Parts/Assembly Instructions
2:40 Cleaning Track Pieces
5:22 Assembling Track
9:42 Final Assembly
11:39 Adding Moto-Cross Bikes
12:41 Starting Game!
13:48 Lap Count Close Up
14:56 Resetting Racers
20:45 New Angle Race

▶▶ Product Info
Tomy Motocross Figure-8 Racing Set

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