Brave and confident, Miles loves going on blastastic space adventures! Miles zips around on his particle-driven Blastboard and uses his laser-powered Laserang to explore space. Fully equipped with his removeable space helmet, Laserang, and Blastboard , Miles is ready for any adventure. Laserang is easily moved from Miles' backpack to his right hand to trigger sound effects. Miles lights up his Blastboard when he is placed on it to blast around the cosmos. Maximum Miles can ride Maximum Merc (sold separately) for more space-adventure fun! How It Works: Ensure that the Demo/On switch is in the "On" position for full product function, Place helmet on head, place laserang in right hand, place feet holes onto the posts of the Blastboard. Push chest to activate sounds!
  • Miles speaks 10 Blastastic phrases from the show!
  • Includes Miles' accessories: space helmet, Laserang, and Blastboard
  • Miles recognizes his space gadgets
  • Blastboard lights up when Miles rides
  • Miles rides on Merc's back (Maximum Merc sold separately)