Colorforms put out this unique Tummy Ache Junk Food Game in 1981 and we were lucky enough to find a mint condition copy!


Lucky Penny Thoughts: It was a lot of fun opening a mint game from 1981. Being the first person to take it out of the box and set it up is a great privilege for me. I take great care in handling older games and most of all enjoy learning about them and playing them. Butch and I had fun playing Tommy Tummy Ache on video and I hope it shows. The basic game play for two players is to spin the spinner, if it lands on your color, then you get to put a piece of food in. Keep spinning if it lands on one of your colors, otherwise then it is your opponents turn. the first person to make Tommy throw up twice, loses the game! Simple and fun.


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Tommy Tummy Ache Junk Food Game - Colorforms, 1981

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