​​​These are fun to mix up and create crazy combinations. I enjoyed the speed build challenge! How did they look at the end?

Find Here ▶ http://bit.ly/TMNT-Mix-Match-Mutations

Lucky Penny Thoughts: I enjoy learning about new toys and seeing what they do. It was interesting that I could completely mix these figures up and then find a way to play with them. They were easy to take apart and put back together.


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Playmates Toys Ages 4+
Mutations Mix & Match Shredder
Mutations Mix & Match Leo
Mutations Mix & Match Mikey

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"タートルズ ミックス マッチ変異" "TMNT Mix Match mutasi" "TMNT Mix Match mutações" "TMNT Mix матч мутации" "TMNT Mix Match mutaciones" "กลายพันธุ์จับคู่ผสมฟักทองของ" "TMNT kết hợp phù hợp với đột biến"

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