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Check it out! I get to do the build for a new set from Mega Bloks. It was fun to build. I also added a battle scene at the end. Enjoy!

Lucky Penny Thoughts: It was really cool to be able to check both sets out in one video. I'm a huge fan of tanks, so when the opportunity came up to check out the Jungle Battle Scene with the tank, I was ready to go! On the Raph street trike, the lights are activated by pressing the top button on the steering wheel and also when you roll the vehicle. Remember on the tank, you press for the cannon & press & hold for the machine gun.

Link to the complete build ▶


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Jungle Battle Scene - Ages 6+ MEGA Bloks -
Tank with launchers
Buildable Mikey
Buildable Rocksteady villain
Location side build with launcher
Lights and sounds
Try Me Packaging
273 pieces
Includes 2 figures

Raph Street Strike - Ages 6+ MEGA Bloks - Mattel
Lights Up
Includes Raph & Foot Soldier
Trike with extra launcher
Try Me Packaging
Includes 2 figures
122 pieces

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