It’s time to drench the stench and clean up this Pawful place with the Dirty Dog Wash Van. It’s full of nastiness for you to discover! Find out where your pet sits on the Ugly Scale. Dunk your dogs in the tub for some sickly sounds. Sit them down on the toilet and hear them rip! Push the van along to HEAR it pong! This is one of the grossest vans in the land! It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it! These guys are all washed up and it’s not going to be pretty! The Dirty Dog Wash Van also comes with one exclusive Uggly Pet figurine, two AA batteries and one instruction manual.
  • The dirty dog wash van is full of wackiness for kids to discover with gross sounds and two exclusive characters.
  • The ugg-liest and grossest yet comical and wacky animals yet.
  • This is one of the grossest vans in the land.