​​​This was a lot of fun! I like starting with nothing and then making my way to a completed project. Did you like my tree?

Find Here ▶ http://bit.ly/Shrinky-Dinks-Halloween-Fun

Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a true video adventure. I had no idea it would be an hour long video. All together, it probably took me over 2 hours to complete this project. the Halloween Tree set from Shrinky Dinks was really nicely made and fun to create. Do you want to see more Incredible Shrinky Dinks? Let us know in the comments.


▶▶ Skip Times
The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker Halloween Haunted Tree
0:08 - Intro, Looking at the box
1:43 - Halloween Boxed Set
2:41 - Checking out oven parts
3:43 - Checking out the Halloween Shrinky Dinks set
6:13 - Coloring the first Shrinky Dinks sheet
17:24 - Putting the first batch in the oven
24:31 - Watching the baking in the dark
27:56 - Taking out of the oven
30:34 - Sliding pumpkin in to the oven
32:53 - More oven time and making new Shrinky Dinks
33:20 - More Shrinky Dinks
42:06 Coloring the skeleton
47:47 - Prepping the skeleton
50:05 - Shrinking the skeleton
53:27 - Baking the skeleton head
54:16 - Putting the skeleton together
55:38 - Final assembly of the skeleton
57:25 - Showing all of the completed Shrinky Dinks
54:06 - Finishing installing the hangers
1:01:19 - Setting up the tree and placing the ornaments
1:05:33 - Final look at the tree and ornaments in detail

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