Christmas Crackers are a favorite tradition in England and contain a paper crown, a small gift, a motto or joke, and of course, the pop. A Christmas Cracker is opened similarly to how a wishbone is divided - one person pulls on each side of the cracker and the person with the largest piece keeps the gifts inside. More recently, each setting at the table is given their own Christmas Cracker to pull apart. They are traditionally "cracked" after Christmas dinner. These Christmas Crackers contains 6 crackers with gifts that are suitable for kids.
  • Tom Smith playful glittered Christmas Crackers with colorful holiday owls
  • Pack of 6 crackers, each 5 3/4" long
  • Adults and children, even teens, everyone has fun pulling the ends of a Christmas Cracker to discover the surprise inside
  • Each cracker contains a special surprise gift, paper crown and jolly motto
  • The festive snap of Christmas Crackers have been a fun holiday tradition since the 1800s, a classic English tradition