​​​This is the 8 toy set with a special Happy Meal bag that has a water color painting set! Watch as I open each toy.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: We are always looking for a new set of Happy Meal Toys. This is an 8 toy set that also had a special Happy Meal bag with a paper paint set! It worked great and I had fun looking at all of the toys. I really liked the detail in their faces. Was this your favorite movie growing up?


▶▶ Skip Times
0:07 Intro/Bag Activities
2:21 #1 Beary Barrington
3:22 #2 Big Al
4:28 #3 Zeb Zoober
5:24 #4 Henry
6:23 #5 Tennessee O'Neal
7:28 #6 Trixie St. Claire
8:22 #7 Ted Bedderhead
9:38 #8 Fred Bedderhead
10:28 The Complete Set
11:20 Country Bears Painting Kit
15:25 Final Thoughts

▶▶ Product Info
Disney's The Country Bears McDonald's 2002 Retro Happy Meal Toy Set

1. Beary Barrington
2. Big Al
3. Zeb Zoober
4. Henry
5. Tennessee O'Neal
6. Trixie St. Claire
7. Ted Bedderhead
8. Fred Bedderhead

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