Teenie Beanie Boo's McDonald's 2017 Happy Meal Kids Fast Food Toy Review. I have checked out some of the older sets of TY toys an video and was interested in seeing these. There are no mini beans inside of these, they are plush toys. Which of the 15 did you like the best? Make sure you let me know in the comments. If your a fan of Teenie Beanie's, you will probably like getting this set from McDonald's

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Teenie Beanie Boo's McDonald's 2017 Happy Meal Kids Fast Food Toy Review

#1 - Bushy Toy - Lion
#2 - Buzz Toy - Zebra
#3 - Mel Toy - Koala
#4 - Timber Toy - Wolf
#5 - Chocolate Toy - Moose
#6 - Bongo Toy - Monkey
#7 - Twigs Toy - Giraffe
#8 - Seamore Toy - Seel
#9 - Snort Toy - Bull
#10 - Spike Toy - Rhino
#11 - Peanut Toy - Elephant
#12 - Frostiness Toy - Polar Bear
#13 - Tusk Toy - Walrus
#14 - Freckles Toy - Leopard
#15 - Waddles Toy - Penguin

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McDonald's 2017 Happy Meal Toys - Fast Food Toys - Kids Meal Toys Review

TY Teenie Beanie Babies 1998 Set, McDonald's Retro Happy Meal Toy Series

TY Teenie Beanie Babies 1999 Set, McDonald's Retro Happy Meal Toy Series

TY Beanie Babies Plush Toys Lot, Membership Kit, Mary Beth's Bean Bag World Monthly

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