Thanks to Playmates toys for these figures to show on video

We were really excited to show these new figures from Playmates Toys from the season 5, three part story airing July 23, 2017. This mini series is featuring the classic Usagi Yojimbo Samurai with our favorite turtle friends. The figures were very detailed and have a good weight to them. The articulation on the legs and arms makes for easy placement of limbs for battle scenes and display. I listed all of the items in this video below and where to get them. If you are interested in winning the signed Stan Sakai figure then please follow the link to our web site.

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Available at Mass Retailers:
Usagi Yojimbo action figure
Samurai Leo, Samurai Don, Samurai Mikey & Samurai Raph action figures

Walmart Exclusive Figures
Exclusive 4.5" Usagi in armour
Exclusive 11" Usagi Jimbo Action Figure
Exclusive 4.5" Samurai Usagi and Samurai Horse


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