Our last Mexican candy! This is tamarind on a spoon with a spicy kick to it. I have grown to like these types of candy.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I have had tamarind candy before, but never directly off of a spoon. I was not sure if you were supposed to bite it or just leave the spoon in your mouth. It had a nice spiciness to it. Unfortunately this is our last Mexican candy for awhile because we are all out! When we get more in the future we will keep the series going.


▶▶ Product Info ◀◀
It's a natural tamarind flavor pulp with a spicy touch and placed on a spoon. Dulces Micho

Es una pasta de pulpa natural sabor tamarindo, con un toque picosito y colocada en una cuchara.

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Check out these fun international language product translations!

تمر هندي حار "الحلوى المكسيكية" "Тамаринд пикантен мексикански бонбони" "辛辣罗望子墨西哥糖果" "Tamarind pikantní mexické Candy" "Spicy tamarinde Mexicaanse Candy" "Tamarin épicée mexicaine Candy" "Würzige Tamarind mexikanischen Candy" "תמר הודי חריף ממתקים מקסיקני" "Tamarindo piccante messicana Candy" "スパイシーなタマリンド メキシコのキャンディ" "매운 타 마 린드 멕시코 캔디" "Tamaryndowca pikantnym meksykańskie słodycze" "Tamarindo picante doce mexicana" "Пряный Тамаринд мексиканской конфеты" "Tamarindo Picosito Mexican Candy" "มะขามยำขนมเม็กซิกัน"

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