​​​Kracie Happy Kitchen Takoyaki Set. I know I did not have the name right on these! I did my best at doing this Kracie kit.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I found this kit pretty fun to do. I had no idea what a Takoyaki Ball was when I made the kit. It is not until the video is done that I look and research more. This way i can just go in and do it and not try and be something I'm not or overly confident in trying to give more information. I have done a lot of Kraci Happy Kitchen sets and this set was one of the easier to do. Remember if you see a microwave on the front or back it is a kit that needs to be cooked.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:14 Introduction/Package Overview
2:19 Package Opening/Packets
3:05 Directions
3:45 Step 1 - Tray Prep
5:08 Step 2 - Mixing & Molding Tentacle Pieces
13:49 Step 3 - Mixing Blue Packet
17:00 Step 4 - Mixing Orange Packet & Pouring Molds
22:15 Combining Pieces
23:24 Microwave Time
24:01 Star Tray & Brown Packet
26:37 Removing Takoyaki Balls
29:40 Display Setup
30:29 Adding Dark Sauce
32:05 Decorating
33:00 Taste Testing
34:35 Final Thoughts

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