This set includes 5 four oz boxes of Sweet Clay. Each box is a different color and a different flavor. Flavors are Watermelon, Orange Sherbet, Mega Mango, Green Apple, & Fruit Punch. Also included are 6 cookie cutters and a bag of our rock candy rainbow nuggets. The cookie cutters are perfect for using with your Sweet Clay. And the rainbow nuggets are not only yummy, but they are great for decorating your creations. Use your imagination and have fun making your own delicious candy creations. Sweet Clay makes a unique gift for anyone who loves art. Or it is perfect for a party. It really depends on how much each person uses, but this set should be enough for at least 10 people to have fun playing with Sweet Clay.
  • Build Your Own Candy Creations
  • Awesome Assorted Fruit Flavors!
  • Taste like Really Good Taffy
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Great for Parties or Gifts