They're G r r r eat! Check out this Suzy Homemaker Kids Toy Oven & A Kellogg's Easy Bake Tony The Tiger Mini Cake Set.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This is the "Regular" size oven from Topper Toys for the Suzy Homemaker line of kids kitchen products. I made a video of the medium size oven awhile ago and as you can see this oven is much smaller. I showed the Kellogg's set in a previous video and thought this would be a good oven to test it in. When I first saw this Easy Bake Tony The Tiger Set I knew I had to show it on video. My Tony turned out OK :)


▶▶ Product Info ◀◀
1999 Easy Bake Kellogg's Tony The Tiger Cakes - Hasbro
1968 Toppers Toys Suzy Homemaker Regular Size Oven

0:08 Checking out the box
1:50 Checking out the oven and comparing it to the Medium oven
4:54 Checking out and opening the Tony The Tiger Easy Bake set
7:43 Making the first cake
11:21 Putting the first cake in the oven
11:55 Looking into the oven
12:40 Making the second cake
15:00 Switching the cakes in the oven
15:42 Making the orange frosting
19:16 Frosting the cakes
22:37 Tracing the image of Tony The Tiger
24:09 Making the black frosting
31:17 Fixed the frosting & piped the Tony The Tiger on the cake
36:40 Tasting & final thoughts

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