​​​Kracie Popin' Cookin', Japanese Happy Kitchen Sushi Set. This set is very popular! Watch as I make it and eat it :)

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a really fun kit to make. It is not meant to taste like real sushi, it is a candy kit, so the flavors are sweet. Very much like a type of gummy candy. I like to set up a little food scene at the end of each of the Kracie video's to have a little extra fun. There is no cooking in the set. Like most of the Kracie kits the taste is OK, but the fun in creativity is off the charts! Have fun when you make these kids and as always take your time for the best results.


▶ Key Points ◀
0:07 Introduction/Product Overview
0:39 Box Opening & Instructions
1:07 Package Opening & Parts
2:16 Getting Started - Steps Involved
3:09 Cutting Bag For Tray/Mat
4:40 Step 1 - Mixing Rice
6:39 Step 2 - Mixing Red Color
8:52 Step 3 - Mixing Yellow Color
10:45 Step 4 - Rolling Out Green Seaweed Wrap
13:18 Step 5 - Mixing Blue & Orange Colors
15:35 Step 6 - Making Orange Droplets
16:45 Removing Droplets
17:44 Step 7 - Making Soy Sauce
18:53 Time To Make Sushi Rolls!
21:08 Adding Red & Yellow Candy Fish Pieces
23:58 Adding Caviar Eggs
24:54 Sushi Tray Presentation/Setup
26:13 Sushi Tasting Time!
27:27 Final Thoughts

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