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Thanks again to Zing toys for all of the bonus items for us to show on video. This was a fun box to open and check out for all of you. I feel pretty lucky that I can show you toys that are on the market and available for everyone to purchase if they want. I hope to soon make a video with my older and new Stikbots so I can show you all of the fun ways to make a stop motion video.

Usually I like to come up with a plan, many times at the moment and then do a few run through to see if it works. Many times I start and stop over when I want to add something or make it longer. Look forward to that video in the coming weeks.

Here is the web site page:
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Stikbot Toy Extravaganza StikGorilla - StiokCow Pets & Huge Stikbot Farm Movie Set - Zing Toys
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Stikbot Pets - StikGorilla
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Stikbot Zanimation Studio
Stikbot Farm Movie Set

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