From cops and robbers to cowboys, kids have been playing with toy guns. These replicas bring a new spin to your kid's favorite classic games. Get their imagination running wild with these high quality, durable toy guns. All Cap Pistols have been designed after the original pistols of their respective era. Each is constructed with die-cast steel with some plastic parts. Each gun is either coated in a very durable silver or black paint. The molds used for these guns were designed back in the 1950's and 1960's so you know you will be buying a quality made cap gun. So your favorite gun designs have not changed over the years. You still get the high quality, authentic gun that you love. Parris Manufacturing Company manufactures military, frontier and cowboy style rifles, pistols and pistol holster sets. Every replica in the company's line is based on a rifle, musket or pistol that played an important part in our country's history. Package contains (1) Parris Stagecoach Single Holster Set. Molded holster with belt has the look of authentic hand tooling and 8.5? long repeater cap pistol. Shoots #912 paper roll caps.
  • A replica single holster set which provides hours of imaginative play time
  • Molded black holster with belt
  • Has die cast & plastic repeater cap pistol
  • Fires #912 roll caps