​​​Watch our product feature video for St. Patrick's Day Assorted Mini Chocolates, Clover Leaf, Hat and Pipe!

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[Key points in video]

0:07 Introduction/Package Overview
1:15 Directions/Recipes
1:55 Pre-Melted Chocolate, Time To Fill Molds
3:36 Tamping Down Chocolate, Topping Off Molds
4:33 Filling Chocolate Spoon Molds
6:23 Painting Green Pieces/Layers
7:47 Pouring White Chocolate Layers
10:28 Tamping Down Chocolate In Molds - Removing Bubbles
11:05 Out Of Refrigerator, Removing From Molds
11:56 Final Presentation
12:50 Shamrock Shake & Chocolate Tasting
15:22 Final Thoughts

Watch more 2014 St. Patrick's Day Videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL27_x9U5H26vOorRncxMn_b61zT7KawQ_

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