​​​Batman Sprukits Poseable Figural Model Kit Ban Dai 2014. Time for a complete build on camera!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Batman Arkham City! I get to do the complete build for you on camera. I really liked the way this kit was created. The instructions were different then any I have ever followed. It was really cool how they isolated the sprue on the instructions to show you the parts you needed. Overall it was an easy build that did not take a long time. I found it really helpful as I built my Batman to place the pieces directly on the instructions.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:09 Intro/Box Overview
1:10 Parts
1:38 Instructions
3:21 Step 2
5:23 Step 1a
6:25 Easy Instructions Layout!
12:05 Large Section of Steps
16:42 Parts Panel Explanation
22:43 Attaching Legs
23:12 Attaching Arms, Head & Torso
25:33 Interchangeable Hands/Weapons
27:12 Slideshow

▶▶ Product Info
2014 Batman Sprukits Level 2 Model Kit (Arkham City)
SprüKits are offered in three building levels to accommodate builders of all abilities. Level 1 figures are designed to be entertaining and easy to assemble. For those builders looking for the next challenge, Levels 2 and 3 kits increase in complexity and build time, which delivers a larger figure with sharper details, and increased articulation.

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